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Hi, I'm Friederike Koerting.
I just finished my Dr. rer. nat. studies in remote-sensing geology with a summa cum laude. My work revolved around the detection of copper-, iron- and nickel-ore using imaging spectroscopy and different platforms (satellite, UAV, on-site scanning). This is also part of my current research and work as well as the start-up rad.Data of which I'm co-founder and COO. I've established a wide store of knowledge in geosciences during my Geology and Geoscience degrees and worked in science communication as part of my work in the technology transfer including the project management of scientific projects. I enjoy connecting people, innovative science and the raw materials industry to adapt and develop technological solutions for a sustainable development within the mining sector.

I aim to apply my expertise in the field of technology-driven sustainable mining with a regard to environmental preservation and protection. That is why I started working for the hyperspectral camera developer HySpex by NEO in April 2021.

If you want to be part of my journey or have a virtual coffee chat, you can find my recent work on LinkedIn. I invite you to reach out to me there.


Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Expert

Innovative Technology Start-Ups

Data Science

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Driven, goal-oriented, bilingual (German, English) geosciences Dr. rer. nat. and entrepreneur who excels in science communication, data presentation and creative problem solving. Versatile background in geological remote sensing, spectral geology, scientific technology transfer and scientific project management.



ENVI Expert Systems






ArcGis and QGis





"Hybrid Imaging Spectroscopy Approaches for Open Pit Mining Environments"

Focus on copper, iron and nickel mining activities and mapping for on-site applications (mine face monitoring) and satellite monitoring of open pits or prior to extraction.

University of Potsdam, Germany and German Research Centre for Geosciences, GFZ Potsdam Germany

"Development of a 360-degree hyperspectral drill core scanner: Test of technical conditions and validation of high-resolution near-field analysis of crystalline basement rocks using COSC-1 core samples", DOI: 10.2312/GFZ.b103-19071

Focus: Geological Remote Sensing University of Potsdam, Germany and German Research Centre for Geosciences, GFZ Potsdam Germany

"Drill core mineral analysis by means of the hyperspectral imaging spectrometer HySPEX, XRD and ASD in proximity of the Mytina Maar, Czech Republic" DOI: 10.5194/isprsarchives-XL-1-W5-417-2015

Focus: Palaeontology, Sedimentology, Remote Sensing Freie University Berlin, Germany and German Research Centre for Geosciences, GFZ Potsdam Germany

Volunteer Experience
"Create your Future" - Technical oriented workshops for students to solve the climate crisis at the Technical University Berlin (240 hours);

Fitness course instructor at the Freie University (203 hours);

Participation in environmental protection program "Bergwaldprojekt e.V." (50 hours)

Online Training

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Work Experience

Geological Hyperspectral Application Specialist April 2021 to date

Norsk Elektro Optikk AS - HySpex division. Developer of hyperspectral cameras - compact, high performance and versatile instruments for a multitude of applications, ranging from airborne to laboratory and industrial use.

Co-Founder and COO 2019 to date

Rad. Data Spectral Analytics UG (Haftungsbeschraenkt), a company focusing on spectral analytics to enhance processes in the mining sector and improve the ecological footprint of mining

Research associate 2017-2021

in the third-party funded projects REEMAP (Hyperspectral MAPping of Rare Earth Elements), LiGHTS (Lightweight Integrated Ground and Airborne Hyperspectral Topological Solution) and REMON (Remote Monitoring of Tailings using Satellites and Drones)

Extensive hyperspectral geological field work in Norway, the Republic of Cyprus, Sweden, Portugal and Germany.

Dr. rer. nat Candidate 2017-2021

Dissertation work and thesis on the topic “Hybrid Imaging Spectroscopy Approaches for Open Pit Mining Environments”. Organistation and group leader for field work in the Republic of Cyprus. Independent, self-taught processing, analysis and interpretation of collected data, resulting in my Disseration finished and published in April 2021.

Research Associate for Technology Transfer 2016-2019

Organisation of GFZ appearance on 5 major mining trade shows, namely the Mining Indaba, PDAC, PeruMin, ExpoNor and DMG Bergbauforum. Presentation of GFZ and ReSens+ spin-off, exhibition booth organisation and handout material design

Workshop participation "FDAYS Frauenhofer Venture Lab", sales and marketing experience, processing client inquiries and extensive content creation for marketing material

Internships undergraduate and graduate studies

On-site geologist for the “Collisional Orogeny in the Scandinavian Caledonides” project, Åre, Sweden

Centre of Excellence for Climate System Analysis and Prediction (CliSAP), University of Hamburg, Germany

Internship, Alfred Wegener Institute, exploring ice and oceans, Wadden Sea Station, Sylt, Germany

Trade Shows
Conference Presentations
Extracurricular Activities
Additional hours of learning
Non Extensive List

Further Training

Introduction to Watson AI (IBMx)
AI for Everyone: Master the Basics (IBMx)
AI Chatbots without programming (IBMx)
Deep Learning Essentials (UMontrealX)

64 hours, View certificate here
10 hours, View certificate here
10 hours, View certificate here
20 hours, audited course, info here

Sustainable Development: The Post-Capitalist Order (SGDAcademyX)
Energy Within Environmental Constraints (HarvardX)

32 hours, Audited Course

50 hours, Audited Course

The Business of Mining (CurtinX - TBOMx)
MININGx: The Future of Mining? (UQx)

12 hours, Audited Course
50 hours, View certificate here

Open Science: Sharing your Research with the World (DelftX)
Business Communication (UBCx - BUS2x)

25 hours, View certificate here

30 hours, Audited Course

Python Programming - compact (Volkhochschule Treptow Köpenick, Germany)
Pythons Basics for Data Science (IBMx)
Computing in Python I: Fundamentals & Procedural Programming (Georgia Tech GtX)
Computing in Python II: Control Structures (Georgia Tech GtX)
Machine Learning with Python: A Practical Introduction (IBMx)

40 hours, Certificate upon request

25 hours, Audited courses
50 hours, Audited courses

50 hours, Audited courses

30 hours, Audited courses

GEO University

15 hours, View certificate here

Publications, Field Work and Projects


Want to read about my thesis without reading the full 300 pages manifest? Have a look!

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Field Work and Projects

Field Expedition Portugal (Lights)

Organisation of field work, sensor transport and employee travel, data collection & sampling

Field Expedition Republic of Cyprus (REMON)

Organisation of field work, sensor transport and employee travel, data collection & sampling

Field Expeditions to Norway & Sweden (REEMAP)

Yearly Expeditions to collect hyperspectral imagery from 2014 - 2018, data collection & sampling

Field Expeditions to the Republic of Cyprus (Dr.)

Organisation & realization of field work for the GFZ team, data collection & sampling

ITV Vale, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Conference presentation and field expedition

Mining Trade Shows

Mining Indaba - Capetown, South Africa

Mining trade show Organisation of booth and marketing material and presentation

ExpoNor, Antofagsta, Chile

Mining trade show Organisation of booth and marketing material and presentation

PeruMin - Arequipa, Peru

Mining trade show Organisation of booth and marketing material and presentation

PDAC, Toronto, Canada

Mining trade show Preparation of marketing material and presentation

Excerpt of Presentations

Hyperspectral Mapping Applications in Mining Activities

11th EARSeL SIG Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop organized by EARSeL and CzechGlobe

Imaging Spectroscopy for Ore deposits

4th DMG GOOD Meeting 2019
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